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Choices Stories You Play Hack and Game Review!

Choices: Stories You Play contains several brief and Fascinating stories which can be controlled by you. The tales are visually impressive with bubbly sound effects, are adventurous and can continue to keep all gamers hooked to their screens. There are different kinds of stories to select and Play with. They consist of romance, crime, and dream. Navigating throughout the tales are fairly straightforward and a new gamer can Play effortlessly.

To Learn More about the stories available at Choices: Stories You Play game, just keep reading!

The Freshman: It’s An interesting story that revolves around the characters who are studying in a college. Within this narrative, you can make numerous friends, find a lover, go for parties, be a football hero, and revel in your life completely.

Most Wanted:

It is a Murder-mystery narrative, wherein you’re supposed to find the killer. So, if you would like to play the part of a detective then this is the best narrative to see and playwith!

Flame: Save your kingdom from the enemies in this engrossing story! You have to raise a strong army, ruin your opponents, master weapons that are unique, and reclaim your crown and realm out of the enemies.

The Rules of Engagement:

In this particular story, your grandmother has left enormous property on your name as per her will. However, you will be the owner of the property just when you get married within a time period. So, you need to locate true love immediately in the game by the end of the summer.

Endless Summer:

You Have gotten to a hotel with your friends, which can be located in an isolated area. You are not able to discover any other individual in the hotel. This makes some of your friends panic while some find a good opportunity to party them all. What’s going to be your choice?


You have Began working in a new business, which is situated in a new city. You create several friends while dating a number of them. Surviving in a new location and finding true love is the major gist of this narrative.

Other than the aforesaid stories, there are many more Exciting stories which are been added to this game on a regular basis by the developers. 1 thing is for sure, that you will certainly find an engrossing narrative that will keep you busy for many days. However, the amount of keys and diamonds provided in each narrative is quite less, which is annoying for many. Additionally, the duration for waiting to secure keys should be lesser. Nonetheless, these downfalls don’t stop the gamers to enjoy the wonderful tales of Choices: Stories You Play!

However, if you are among those gamers who are annoyed with You can still enjoy Choices: Stories You Play game by following the below-mentioned hints:

How to get Keys in Choices Stories You Play game:

As you all know that Keys would be the in-game money, which May be redeemed to unlock fresh stories or new episodes of current games. Every time a participant successfully completes a part of the narrative, he needs some Keys so as to proceed into another portion of the narrative. Though Keys play an essential part in your advancement in the game and also the easiest way a player can make them will be by leveling up or by using Choices Stories You Play Hack.

How to get Keys in Choices Stories You Play game

Another way to make Keys is by waiting because it receives automatically Generated at particular hours. So, the more friends you’ve got, faster you will finish the game! Should you would like to purchase additional amount of Keys you then certainly can do this from the game shop by employing real world cash. Nonetheless, make sure you do that sensibly as the game consistently includes attractive offers, which will get you an excellent bargain. And the final alternative is to simply use our Choices Stories You Play Hack.

How to get Diamonds:

Diamonds are the secondary currency of the game and a participant Does not require them to finish the game. But, you are certainly able to use them to buy premium things like exclusive stories, special clothing, items, etc.. Diamonds can be acquired on leveling up, but you’ll be able to procure them in rare quantities. So, if you want them in abundance then you can buy Diamonds in the game shop. If you want to buy both Diamonds and Keys in the game store then try searching for combo supplies as purchasing them together will be surely better than individually purchasing Diamonds and Keys. Instead of buying also think about using Choices Stories You Play Cheats which can generate both monies.

Apart from these monies, you also need to carefully pick Which choice you need to make while enjoying a story. As a great deal of occasions, the game provides you a set of choices to select from, and every one of the options that you create will have path breaking consequences on the story of this game. The below-mentioned aspects Has to Be considered while determining a proper choice from the narrative:


You need to Comprehend the nature of choice to Be created first. Small choices ought to be made quickly without a lot of thought. As an instance, if you’re going on a date then choices such as clothing to wear, place to see, etc could be made immediately.


Try evaluating each of the important decisions by Knowing the following effects of each from the game, and choose the one that is most beneficial or one which is least destructive. As an instance, if you would like to choose your date then select the one who complements your character over others.


Carefully plan your options in such a manner that the Story should be molded depending on your wish. So as to successfully achieve this, you need to make correct choices in succession. As an example, if you want to choose honor over greed then you have to be honest or greedy during the game since even a single example of incorrect action will ruin the outcome of Choices.

Should you follow the above mentioned Strategies and try Choices Stories You Play Hack then you’ll surely love playing Choices: Stories You Play game!

Choices Stories You Play Game Guide

Hello men, if you are reading this page, you have probably Used our Choices Stories You Play Cheats ! If you still did not get the tools, just calm down and following 24 hours try again, because most people succeed only on the second attempt. While you are waiting for the resources to be produced we however that it might be cool if we share some nice and useful strategies and Tricks how to get Diamonds and Keys at no cost! So here is our present to you guys :

Choices Stories You Play Game Guide

Intro for game:

Choices: Stories You Play is a entertaining online game, Which contains a number of short and intriguing stories that can be controlled by you. A Few of the stories that you will Encounter in the game are — The Freshman, Most Wanted, Love hacks, Endless Summer, The Crown and the Flame, etc.. Whichever story you choose to play, the in-game currencies will stay the same.

Keys and Diamonds are the main currencies but procuring them Is difficult and they’re available in a limited quantity.

To read a chapter you Will require a Key. If you are falling short of Keys, you can make it by ‘waiting’ from the game. When you’ve got less than 2 Keys, a timer starts and you will receive another Key after 3 hours.

For 3 hours to get the Key or purchase them by spending actual money for reading few chapters in a day.

Keys can also be Earned as rewards by completing missions in the game.

As soon as you Finish a story in the game, you may earn Diamonds. So, the best approach to secure Diamonds is by playing the game often. But you cannot earn Diamonds for enjoying exactly the same story again.

Diamonds can be used For unlocking premium stories or fancy clothing. You may need 25 Diamonds for purchasing an outfit, 20 Diamonds for keeping an adventure going on rather than returning to the ship, and so on.

Important Factors About Choices Stories You Play Game

Pixelberry Studio has developed Choices: Stories You Play Game, which brings a redefined story telling experience to pocket programs — Android and iOS. In this game, players can choose any story which fancies them and become a part of the epic adventure that the story provides. All tales are pre- defined but the outcome of every story is dependent on the options that the players create, which provides them a sense of ownership.

Below-mentioned are some of the important features of Choices: Stories You Play game, making it among the most popular games on pocket programs here:

Nowadays, everyone Wants to have what they wish on the tips of their fingers. Thus, Pixelberry Studio has purchased the story telling encounter to your finger tips using the Pocket version of the game.

Choices Stories You Play hack

The game can be The phones with reduced hardware and software configurations can run the game with no lag or difficulties.

It is a free to play Game, which means any person who’s with an account with play shop or iTunes can download it for free. The game also features in-game purchases but that is completely optional. This means that it is totally up to players if they desire to buy the in-game things or play the game without them.

It offers the consumers Having an option to choose from large selection of tales, which can be further classified into different genres. This shows that the game has different tales to provide for players of different age classes.

It Isn’t mandatory For the player to select only 1 story at a time; they can simultaneously play multiple stories and track their progress in each of these. Every time a player begins a new narrative, all of the progress made in the previous tales are automatically saved and may be resumed any time a gamers needs.

Players can compete Together with their friends and other gamers across the globe as the game lets them connect to social networking sites. Players may also see their friends’ profile, including tales they’ve played, their progress in every story, stories they’ve recommended, etc..

The game allows the Players are the master of their own destiny; they could mold the story as per their own will depending on the choices that they make. Also, the choice mechanism extended in the game is exceptional and leads to unique endings once the narrative is Played multiple times; each time making different choices. For instance, in the game Endless Summer, participant can choose to date anyone whom they need to — Jake, Sean, Quinn or Estela.

Conclusion for Choices Stories You Play Game :

The only way to make Diamonds in the game is by completing a chapter. The concept of Choices: Stories You Play is really fun but it’s a costly game since you wind up spending plenty of real-world money for purchasing the in-game currencies. Alternatively, you can use our Choices: Stories You Play Diamonds and Keys guide and attempt to make both monies in the authentic way.

The game offers a lot Of daring tales where new episodes are included frequently. They’re also coming up with new interesting stories for their ever increasing fan base.

These awesome features have made Choices: Stories You Play game one of the most popular narrative telling simulation game accessible Online and in the event you also join our Choices Stories You Play Hack tool it will .

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