About Cartoon Network Match Land app

Cartoon Network Match Land is a match-3 puzzle RPG game Where you recruit the colorful heroes in the Cartoon Network universe to fight food off! That’s right — you’re likely to be battling french fries, pizza, and much more! Our Cartoon Network Match Land cheats and tips will show you ways to get the food festival back in tip-top shape!

Cartoon Network Match Land’s unique twist on puzzle activity lets players Make multiple games per turn before the timer runs out, allowing for diagonal motion and mega fitting combos. Battle hordes of cute food enemies to keep the Cartoon Network Food Festival running. The more food shops you open and upgrade, the more resources you will earn to level your heroes up and take on even larger challenges.

With simple and cute graphics, an enjoyable and easy to get into match-3 system, Cartoon Network Match Land is a very fun game. Thus, let us get to mastering it using our Cartoon Network Match Land cheats, tips and tricks strategy guide!

Cartoon Network Match Land Gameplay

Build your team of heroes using 20 Distinct characters from beloved Cartoon Network series like Steven Universe, Adventure Time and We Bare Bears, every brought to life in enchanting 8-bit visuals.  First of all, let us learn the fundamental of this game.

cartoon-network match land android

You just have to match the exact same color tiles just swipe ; left, right, up, down, and diagonal. It’s different from another game 3 games. There’s a timer, it will begin when you perform your turn, you should be fast because the timer is very fast. But you can increase the time by fitting same tiles. After the flip, your hero will earn AP and attack the enemies. Your enemies may also strike you. You’ve limited health points and should you lose, then you have to restart the level. For all this you need gems, but gems are difficult to get. So that’s why we made Cartoon Network Match Land Cheats to help you with game.

Cartoon Network Match Land Main Characteristics:

  • MATCH 3 WITH A TWIST. Once you produce a game, you may keep on matching until the timer runs out. How many matches will you string together? Besides, you can transfer bits diagonally to place a whole new angle on classic match 3 gameplay.
  • UPGRADES GALORE. Degree up your personalities, then evolve them to considerably more powerful variants. Earn gold from 20 different food stores you can unlock and update.
  • LUNAR SEA SPIRE ARENA. Get even more gold, stone, tokens, and other goodies in the Lunar Sea Spire, an entirely separate arena mode which allows you test your team’s true power for amazing rewards.
  • FOOD FIGHT FRENZY. Battle a horde of sentient food items so you can maintain Cartoon Network Food Festival running. Punch a pizza! Clash with cupcakes! Fight a few french fries!
  • YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTERS. Pick your heroes from 20 different Cartoon Network characters with exceptional abilities. And keep your eyes peeled for CN cameos one of the consumers and store owners!

Cartoon Network Match Land Cheats

Adding Gems to Cartoon Network Match Land game has never been so straightforward. If you utilize our Cartoon Network Match Land Cheat for Android and iOS you may observe that we’re safeguarding your game and apparatus by using unique Antiban instrument together with personal proxies. There’s not any chance for you to have banned, not now not ever. Download Cartoon Network Match Land Cheats from above! Assess other cheats tools: cheats for games.

cartoon network match land appThis new Cartoon Network Match Land Cheat codes here will attract You Gems silver needed so you can be able to get a really good game time. This one will probably be working nicely on all iOS and Android apparatus and even if you decide to sue for complete you figure out how to see that nobody will have the ability to stop you into the game. Another great fact about this new Cartoon Network Match Land trick is that you will figure out how to protect yourself people who might need to prohibit you in the game using the new script security Anti-Ban will conceal your information to be uncovered. Just trust it and figure out how to get the game you desire. Additionally, you can use our Suggestions for unlimited amount of times! If you don’t know how to utilize it, you will have the ability to read detailed instructions in the future in this post! Have fun! Cartoon Network Match Land cheats iphone.

Cartoon Network Match Land Cheats Features:
  • Generate unlimited Gems
  • Don’t origin or jailbreak.
  • Account protection
  • Check and update regularly
  • High Antiban.

Cartoon Network Match Land Cheats Gems

Cartoon Network Match Land is among the most addictive and fun games now. Because of this, the requirement for Cartoon Network Match Land cheats has improved drastically. Cartoon Network Match Land cheats are extremely rare to find since the game was difficult to crac. After testing it Cartoon Network Match Land tips is functioning 90 percent of the time. Cartoon Network Match Land app mod was created to assist you to play with this game easier many times.

cartoon network match land hack

Cartoon Network Match Land cheat Is a safe solution, without malware or virus. Utilizing our Tricks will make you Avoid worrying about the security for your apparatus. We also provide other tools For a long time. You will simply have to upload it and then Join your device to the computer to retrieve all of your valuable characteristics. You will see that this new Cartoon Network Match Land gem cheat will always be available for free and You never need to pay a penny to use it. Just enjoy it and direction to Have a really fantastic time playing with it you will surely appreciate. You may see That it’ll work in all conditions. If you love cartoon games, check out Run Sausage Run Cheats.

Cartoon Network Match Land Tips

Get all celebrities for a stone torso!

Each degree includes three stars for you to procure. For all three stars, you will Have to beat the amount under a certain amount of turns. It follows you ought to string combos and utilize the dual damage color bonus as much as possible. Some levels are extremely lenient with the amount of turns you can take while some are strict, which means you might need to replay certain amounts.

Update your shops!

If you earn enough spices from the levels, you can spend them to update Your festival shops. Upgrading a shop increases its earnings, the amount of Eatmos it creates, and how long it stays open for business.

Invest your coins

Utilize your coins to update your stores so that you can earn more coins and eatmos. To update a shop, tap on its icon and affirm. It will boost all earnings and other rewards.

Strategy out your games!

It is important to keep in mind that the match timer Doesn’t start until you Make the first game. This usually means you could take all of the time in the world planning out your following chain of matches.

Match enemy colours for dual Damage!

If you strike with meals which matches the same colour as the Food baddies, your personalities will inflict double damage!


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